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New Regulatory Changes for Break Open Tickets in Ontario

Welcome to the HELPP website for break open tickets.

We have designed this site to provide you with the latest information on break open ticket sales in Ontario.

In June 2015, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) released revised Terms and Conditions for Lottery and Break Open Tickets. The latest versions are available in our Download Centre below:

If you have any questions regarding the new changes and how they affect your auxiliary, please contact:

Arrow Games/ Bazaar & Novelty
Phone: (877) 983-7300
Email: HELPP@arrowgames.com

Download Centre   Ticket Information
Break Open Ticket Terms & Conditions   BN1 HELPP (Form #9011Y)
Break Open Ticket Application   BN3 HELPP (Form #9042ZG)
Break Open Ticket Report   HELPP Audit Sheet (PDF)
BOT Seller Application Form   BOT Revenue and Expense Calculations
Break Open Ticket Expense Maximums   BOT FAQs
AGCO Information Bulletin 060   Break Open Ticket Containers
AGCO Information Bulletin 062   Ontario Provincial Rebate Request Form
AGCO Information Bulletin 065    
AGCO Information Bulletin 073 (Debit Cards)    
Debit Card Flyer   BOT Manual
Debit Card Poster   Version 2, November 2015 *NEW*
Lottery Licensing Policy Manual    
Lottery Terms & Conditions   BOT Manual Appendices
    A - BOT & Lottery Terms & Conditions
Nevada Gold Dispenser   B - Generic Agreement Between Licensee and BOT Seller
Nevada Gold Information   C - Application for Registration as a BOT Seller
Nevada Gold Flyer   D - AGCO Information Bulletin 60
Nevada Gold Reconciliation Sheets   E - Sample Completed BOT Application Form
    F - Sample Completed BOT Lottery Report
Contact Information   G - Schedule of Approved Ticket Types
HELPP Customer Service   H - Request for Customer Information
    I - Break Open Ticket Containers
    J - FAQs
    K - HELPP Ticket Security Features
    L - Audit Sheets & Reconciliation Forms
    M - Licence Amendment Request Letter
    N - Carrying Unsold Tickets to New Licence
    O - Reconciliation Worksheet
    P - AGCO Information Bulletins 62 & 65