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  • Common Serial Number Per Set
    • Makes tracking serial numbers easy
    • Eliminates illegal paper and missed revenue

  • High Quality
    • Machine collated, eliminates collation errors
    • No wax sheet = less waste & reduced box weight = reduced freight costs
    • Champion™ Series & Appearance

  • Champion style face
    • Champion series that players know
    • Half border design makes numbers appear larger
    • Available in 3 to 24 page books
    • Most collations are packed in 5-box sets and are clearly labeled making it easy to rotate stock

  • Consecutive Audit Numbers
    • Prefix identifies the series on each sheet
    • Quickly and accurately track sales and inventory
    • Each booklet in a set is consecutively numbered
    • Audit number is printed on each page of a book for increased security
    • Packed in sets sequentially by audit number
    • The 3V1 audit number is preceded by the series prefix

  • Case Paper
    • Champion bingo paper can be used as case paper with C MAX
    • Select from either Champion standard border or candy striped border
    • Can be ordered loose or padded; one colour per case
    • Ideal for both special and extra sales
    • Available series: 1-9,000 - 30V5
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