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New Access LED Game Indicator Flashboard - LED light & long lasting, durable paint finish

FAQ on the benefits of the NEW LED lighting vs. the standard 1810 lamp

How do you cost compare the LED vs. the standard 1820 lamp?

There is no comparison between the cost of LED lights vs. traditional incandescent options. With incandescent bulbs, the true cost of the bulb is the cost of replacement bulbs and the labor expense and time needed to replace them, particularly if the bulbs need to be embedded into a place difficult to access.


What is the life expectancy of the LED vs. the life expectancy of the 1820 lamp?

The LED has a general life expectancy of 30,000 hours vs. the 1820 lamp which has a life expectancy of only 1,000 hours. For the LED, this equates to almost 3.5 years of continuous operation, or 7 years of 50% operation – which is in stark contrast to the average life of an incandescent bulb: 1,000 hours or 1 month and 10 days of continuous operation.


What is the temperature of the LED vs. the temperature of the 1820 lamp?

The LED runs at a temperature approximately 25˚F cooler than the 1820 lamp.


What are the watts of the LED vs. the watts of the 1820 lamp?

The LED uses .56 watts of electricity vs. the 1820 lamp which uses 2.8 watts of electricity.


What is the amp draw of the LED vs. the amp draw of the 1820 lamp?

In a 28 volt configuration, the LED draws .020 amps vs. the 1820 lamp which draws .10 amps.


How bright are the new LEDs?

The new LEDs are noticeably whiter and brighter than the standard 1820 bulb. The difference is like day and night.


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