Dash for Cash®

A Seal CardBring The Excitement Of Horse Racing To Your Game!

  • Dash For Cash is a unique ticket where players try to be the first to dab 3 numbers on a horizontal line.
  • Each horizontal line of the ticket has 3 numbers from each horizontal line on a flashboard (3 B’s, 3 I’s, 3 N’s, 3 G’s or 3 O’s).
  • The first player to get a horizontal line wins the grand prize.
  • Second and third place prizes can also be awarded to the players that complete different lines on the ticket.

For example, if the first prize is awarded on the B row, the B numbers are disqualified and the remaining numbers are called (I, N, G, & O), until there is a second winner. With 450 tickets per deal, Dash For Cash is sure to be a hit with your players.