Gimme A Break

No matter what business you're in, feature Gimme a Break promotional tickets
on your slow days and watch sales pick up fast!

Here's How It Works

  • Gimme A Break is a promotional break-open ticket with 5 windows.
  • The customer simply breaks open all 5 windows to find out if he or she has a winning combination.
  • Out of 980 break-open tickets per box there are 112 winners.
  • The 112 winners consist of: 2 stars, 2 circles, 2 X's, 6 triangles and 100 diamonds.
  • You have complete control over the cost of your promotion.
  • Totally flexible - you determine your own discount and prizes.

We imprint the Gimme A Break tickets with a 9 character imprint of
your choice for no extra charge. Each box of Gimme A Break tickets purchased comes with a full coloured card to display the prizes for
your promotion.