Quick Draw™

Quickly Add Extra Profits!

  • Quickdraw is a 3 number bingo ticket and the first player to get all 3 numbers wins!
  • Each deal has 600 tickets packed in 4 individual, 150 ticket bundles (A, B, C, & D) that can be played alone or combined when more than 150 tickets are needed.
  • Quickdraw can be played by itself or along with a jackpot or special game.
  • You’ll award an extra prize and make extra profits, plus offer a bonus prize if a player marks the 3 numbers on the first 3 calls (1 ticket in 67,525 tickets on average will win in the first 3 calls).
  • Use one of the suggested payouts or create your own! Quickdraw is sure to be a hit with your players.