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Arrow Games/Bazaar & Novelty is the largest supplier of bingo paper, breakopen tickets, bingo event games and other charitable gaming supplies in Nova Scotia.

We’ve designed this page to provide branches with information on our breakopen, bingo event, seal card and cash board games lineup.

Breakopen Tickets

In June 2012, the Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Division changed its policy and now allows registered suppliers like Arrow Games/Bazaar & Novelty to supply all of your breakopen ticket needs. Previously branches could only purchase their instant win breakopen tickets from Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

We have a lineup of 22 instant win breakopen ticket games available for sale in your branch provide you have a breakopen ticket licence issued by the Alcohol and Gaming Division.

  • Click here to see the approved lineup of instant win games on our website.

  • Click here to download the flyer with a listing of the games.

  • Click here for a comparison of breakopen ticket games.

Nevada Gold Dispenser

If your branch sells a large quantity of instant win breakopen ticket games, you will want to consider using our electronic Nevada Gold dispenser. The Nevada Gold dispenser offers full tracking of all breakopen ticket sales by seller through unique PIN numbers and high speed, accurate dispensing. Using Nevada Gold can ensure that your branch gets the full profit from each box of breakopens sold.

The Nevada Gold dispenser is approved for use by the Alcohol and Gaming Division and is on display in our Dartmouth sales office. Demonstrations can be arranged.

  • Click here for more information on the Nevada Gold dispenser.

  • Click here to download the flyer for Nevada Gold.

Bingo Event Games

If your branch is conducting a bingo, you also need to have bingo event games. This is another form of breakopen tickets that is played in conjunction with your bingo and is very popular with your players.

  • Click here for a more detailed explanation of a bingo event game.

  • Click here to see the lineup of approved bingo event games on our website.

Seal Cards and Cash Board Games

Seal card and cash board games are great games that can be played in your branch during busy evenings or special events. These are small count games that sell out quickly and offer maximum accountability for the sales.

  • Click here for a description of a seal card game.

  • Click here for a description of a cash board game.

We have Flash Seal (seal card game) and It Takes a Thief (cash board game) approved for sale in Nova Scotia.

Contact Us

If you would like more information on any of products and services, please contact our Nova Scotia Sales Team:

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